Chocolate ch01

We have been sitting on the raws of this new shoujo series for a while, and finally got around to releasing it. It`s Fukushima Haruka`s latest shoujo manga, Chocolate! (author of AAA, amongst others). adytu99 did an amazing job redrawing a bunch of stuff, so I feel like I have to properly thank him (you`re a `him`, right? :crazy:). I especially love this first chapter; it`s a killer. Without further ado, download that sucker and read it!

Read this Manga online =>>here<<[/URL][/B] [/center]

12 thoughts on “Chocolate ch01”

  1. Joliame wrote:

    Alright, since S-chan worked on it, i`ll give it a shot and read it; shoujo or not.

    Aww…that`s so sweet! =D I would do the same, but I already read the series you work on. ^_^

  2. Omg, arigatou-gozaimasu!! I`ve looked for raws and scanlations for this manga, but i could never find any!
    Thanks <3 <3

  3. Woohoo! I like this series, and this is my first release of anything ever! Ya-ha! Heh, anyways, I hope people like Chocolate, even though it`s shoujo. ^_^

    Thanks for the release!

  4. They will love Chocolate. It`s pretty cool.
    Thank you for the release… and the picture thing ;) .

  5. Worldcon~ You`re welcome~ Though according to the popularity poll nobody`s waiting for another shoujo :bawling:

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