19 thoughts on “Good Ending ch14”

  1. Liking this quite a lot…the lad is far more mature than I would have managed to be when I was his age.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Minor point, though: “OB” stands for “Old Boy” and means he`s an alumni, not that he`s an “office boy” or something.

  3. Good going…
    I hope the other chaps are released as fast and you catch up to the current issue!!

  4. Eri and page 12. That`s not as much fun as one might think. I`m not sure how fun it might be for a girl. But as a guy…not only does one spring into defense mood, but if the girl squeezes too hard, then “crying like a bitch” mood comes on.

    Girls if you`re going to do such a thing, i caution you to be gentle.

  5. Damn I felt horrible on chapter 13 seeing as how Utsumi got screwed. Honestly speaking Shou-senpai should have handled the situation a little better. I am so glad you guys did chapter 14 so fast because I was really feeling bad hehehe. Now I have my hopes up in spectation of a new love interest (even though I kinda saw it comming between Kurokawa)
    Now i cant wait for ep 15!!! Guys keep up the good work I love you all!.

  6. yahh i like page 12 too that was sooo cute XD
    chapter 15 and 16 is done too =O just to let u people that read comments know

  7. Thanks alot for the quick release. It really is a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to the next chapter

  8. TYVM, its quite sad that the mood of the chapters changed so fast…. but well, TYVM. cant wait till the next one :o

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