Jutten! chapter 03


I get artistic when I`m sleepy, hense my attempt to show all of you “the driving force of Imangascans”. Today it`s chapter 3, where Yoshida-san and the perv go on an actual date! Steve Irwin turns around in his grave in this chapter and fish learn to swim synchronized. Always wanted some of those fishes. No more boob missiles, sadly. But there`s still a good 17 or so chapters to go so I`m hopefull we might still get to see the penis rocket. Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Ow, and I suck at updating things to the reader we have here, so that link`ll probably show up a little later when Hawk returns from the shadows for .001 seconds to fix it and then return to his beloved darkness.

Jutten! chapter 02

Another day, another release.

I figured, why `only` do a solo project when I could also up the antsy and try to release one chapter a day?

I know, I`m so going to regret trying this maybe as soon as tomorrow >< For this chapter, I had Sheekthief`s help as a QC`er, and I used the same raws as before, so credit where credit`s due.
This chapter goes on where chapter 1 left off, especially concerning the boob missile, which I`m sure you all remember.

That`s all I suppose. Just go and read it and please leave a comment if need be.

[Newcomer] Sora no Kanata no! Chapter 01

All credit goes to the creator of this AMV

I personally think he did a fantastic job


Yeah I decided to do something new and embed a video in the post instead of a picture credit…

Need some help I`m trying to name the animes in there…I got so far

EDIT: I checked the description

OH and before I forget whoever uploads this to mangafox…the series actually has the “!” at the end so make sure to put that in.

Another thing!

Mangaupdates page


Summary and Preview

By the creator of “Pikachu`s Electrifying Tale” and the hentai manga series “Anal Justice.”

The “Time Loss Phenomenon,” causes all living beings on Earth to be temporarily turned into statues. During Time Loss, only certain humans — “Recievers” — can remain active, and they witness the terrible reality of what`s happening: otherworldly monsters are attempting to breach the human dimension.

First year middle school student Futaba Sorano and her friend are in the middle of a tennis match when all of a sudden a fish-like monster appears out of the sky. At the same time, everyone around Sorano turns into stone, and then are transformed into monsters. While being chased by these monsters, a mysterious boy named Riu appears, and explains that it is up to her, and the other “Receivers”, to use their strange new powers to save the earth from these intruders. Sorano and her fellow Receivers` epic battle to save the earth has begun!


I think I`m forgetting something!

Thats right…


Hmm I think that is all…

no wait forgot to explain this.

This project has been in the works since back in like november…don`t expect it to be like OMFG HIGH QUALITY only reason it took a while is because the translator Kajii hooked me up was SWAMPED and didn`t get around to translating this until recently…It was cleaned back with Kitsu joined it was one of her first jobs and she did a good job on it. Yeah and this is full of yuri love…in later chapters that is SUCKERS

EDIT: Forgot the credits…

Raw-Provider: Cover-land.net

Translator: Maou Zenigame

Cleaner: Kitsu

Typesetter: Reckless

Proofreader: xxsaznpride

Quality-Check: Sheekthief

There we go

PS: I think that is the longest release post in the history of IMS but I could be wrong because a long one from way back when Puremadniss was still around is coming to mind…

Jutten! chapter 01

I was looking for something nice to start, and I believe I might have found it in Jutten!

It`s about a boy who goes to his first day of High school, thinking it`ll be full of awesome (pervy) meetings with sexy girls and whatnot, but instead has a lot of luck and get`s peed on my a dog amongst things (best panel in the chapter xD). A girl that uses her bike to drive over his ass sorta helps him and gives him a handkerchief with a 10 yen coin in it (hense the name of the series) and… very plausible stuff happens afterwards. Just read it; it`s good for some fun.

Ow, and it`s by the author who does Toradora seemingly, if you need another reason to read it.

Please don`t pay too much attention to the leveling on this one. It`s been sort of a solo project and I haven`t really done anything other than translate stuff here and there before, so that might show >__>