I’ll Make You into an Otaku, so Make Me into a Riajuu! Ch015.5

Okay, so there’s this extra chapter that I kept forgetting to release. It’s actually a pretty interesting story, developing the relationship between Naoki and Akari. Figured I might as well release it, heh.

Also, at the end of the chapter they talk about the Otaria drama CD. Here’s an example of what it sounds like: drama cd

Hope you like it!

Campione! Ch005

I was chatting with cmertb earlier and we had a chuckle about our record of “finishing” series. Well, finishing remains the goal, but as for how long that takes, well… The good news is we’re one chapter closer to finishing Campione. And another optimistic view might be that through our efforts, we are encouraging more and more people to learn Japanese! Yeah…
Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

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