Soul Catcher(S) Ch024

The performance comes to a close, with a bit of a (perhaps) unexpected result. Good thing Kamine’s got a good head on his shoulders.

This chapter we got help from two new staff members; Twisted Fate with the cleans, and Abiztic with the typesets and more of the finishing touches. Abiztic also helped a lot in bringing the last chapter to you guys, but she wasn’t really properly introduced. Please give her a warm, if a bit late, welcome :)

Baby Steps Ch240.5

So yeah, I haven’t been exactly keeping this up. The New Year has been fairly hectic as I’ve been helping my brother take care of his newborn (my niece), so I haven’t been anywhere in the same state as my computer has been.

That being said, I’m back and there’s a backlog. Will burn through and update as we go. Thanks folks.

… also, why not hand the ball off to Beast and have him break through? I mean, seriously… a pass play at the 1-yard line? Seriously…

Edit: Right now the Special chapter is combined into 240 until I can work it out… Whoops. My bad.

Manga Matters.


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