Baby Steps Ch246

Could this be a start of a turnaround for Maruo?

The more important question is whether or not Golden State can get their game together and play some actual basketball instead of the ‘Let’s bomb threes for the hell of it.’ routine. And yes, I’m still at a loss as to why the T-Wolves drafted Flynn instead of Curry in 2009.

Baby Steps Ch245

The match against Kanda continues. Is there a way to break through his aggressive attacks and ‘Kabai Spirit’?

Wild lost, T-Wolves get first pick (don’t draft from UNLV, our Forwards aren’t as hyped up as you think they are), and I’m prepping for interviews this coming week (which is why doing all the stuff over again is taking time). I don’t get paid to scanlate, so getting a job does take precedence at the moment. :^)

To note, the next chapter has two or so pages left, but I’m not satisfied with it; call it OCD.

Edit: Damn you Mailna, lolol.

Manga Matters.


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